Bass of the Gods (Kontakt Virtual Instrument)

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Bass of the Gods is a multi-sampled virtual instrument forged for insanely heavy and impressively realistic bass tones.

Bass of the Gods is a multi-sampled bass guitar virtual instrument (VSTi) built for Kontakt, and is compatible with both the full version and the free Kontakt Player. This monster of a sample library comes in nki format and has been forged for massive and impressively realistic heavy tones.

Sampled from an incredible sounding Tobias through a high-end signal chain. Note range from A0 to E4.

Includes a Direct Input (DI) patch for complete control and 13 processed and mix-ready tones utilizing the tricks of the trade to make your bass tone crush.

Mix-Ready & Processed Tones:
Zeus (SansAmp Bass Driver DI)
Aphrodite (Ampeg SCR-DI)
Hera (SansAmp RBI)
Poseidon (SansAmp RBI Drive)
Hephaestus (Ampeg SVT-5)
Apollo (SWR PB-200)
Artemis (Ignite SHB-1)
Athena (Gallien-Krueger)
Chronos (Fender ’59 Bassman)
Dionysus (SansAmp BDDI SVT)
Ares (Crush Custom Metal Tone)
Hades (Demonfire Tone)
Thanatos (Darkglass Microtubes B7K)

Articulations Include:
– Regular/Alternate Picking
– Muted Picking
– Harmonics
– Short Down Slide
– Long Down Slide
– Up Slide
– Up And Down Slide
– Bends (Pitch Wheel)

Bass of the Gods - The Ultimate Bass VST Virtual Instrument Sample Library for Kontakt

This product is an instant digital download.

Minimum Requirements:
- 2.4GB of free hard drive space.
- Native Instruments Kontakt Version 5.5.0 or higher.