Bass of the Gods (Kontakt Virtual Instrument)


Bass of the Gods is a multi-sampled virtual instrument forged for insanely heavy and impressively realistic bass tones.

Bass of the Gods is a multi-sampled bass guitar virtual instrument (VSTi) built for Kontakt, and is compatible with both the full version and in the time restricted “demo mode” of the free Kontakt Player. This monster of a sample library comes in nki format and has been forged for massive and impressively realistic heavy tones.

Sampled from an incredible sounding Tobias through a high-end signal chain. Note range from A0 to E4.

Includes a Direct Input (DI) patch for complete control and 13 processed and mix-ready tones utilizing the tricks of the trade to make your bass tone crush.

Mix-Ready & Processed Tones:
Zeus (SansAmp Bass Driver DI)
Aphrodite (Ampeg SCR-DI)
Hera (SansAmp RBI)
Poseidon (SansAmp RBI Drive)
Hephaestus (Ampeg SVT-5)
Apollo (SWR PB-200)
Artemis (Ignite SHB-1)
Athena (Gallien-Krueger)
Chronos (Fender ’59 Bassman)
Dionysus (SansAmp BDDI SVT)
Ares (Crush Custom Metal Tone)
Hades (Demonfire Tone)
Thanatos (Darkglass Microtubes B7K)

Articulations Include:
– Regular/Alternate Picking
– Muted Picking
– Harmonics
– Short Down Slide
– Long Down Slide
– Up Slide
– Up And Down Slide
– Bends (Pitch Wheel)

Bass of the Gods - The Ultimate Bass VST Virtual Instrument Sample Library for Kontakt

This product is an instant digital download.

Minimum Requirements:
- 2.4GB of free hard drive space.
- Native Instruments Kontakt Version 5.5.0 or higher.

*Kontakt Player (free version) users: This product works in the free Kontakt player but only in the time restricted "demo mode". You can still bounce and print tracks using this library, but the 15 minute time restriction with the free version of Kontakt is present.*